Radiosity and Raytracing.

Radiosity allows us to create a more realistic atmoshphere using light as it would actually be seen. If you look in the picture above, the left picture uses direct illumination or standard lighting. The left pictures lighting is very straight cut and doesnt look quite realistic. Whereas in the right picture they have used radiosity and this allows the lighting to have a gradient on its edges. This is more like what happens in real life.

Photometric units are a measuring unit for light intensity. Examples of photometric  units are lumens and candelas etc.
A lumen is a unit of luminous flux. Luminous flux is the measure of the perceived power of light. The candela  is the base unit of luminous intensity.

Local illumination algorithms describe how individual surfaces reflect or transmit light. These algorithms can predict the intensity, colour and distribution of the light leaving the surface, from which it was shone upon. They are called shaders in 3d studio max.

The global algorithms take into account the ways in which the light is transferred between surfaces in the model. in 3ds max there are two global illumination algorithms, these are ray-tracing and radiosity.

A shader is a local algorithm and an algorithm is a mathematical function.


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